Welcome to an exciting year in which you will be cherry-picking some of the finest literature in the English language! This year, in addition to reading literature from the present day, you will have the chance to become acquainted with some of the best writers of the English language over the last four centuries. These writers are people who have influenced the way you think, even if you have never heard of them. They have helped to shape the culture we share and they continue to influence it today through the literature they have left us. So we will be asking you to treat their works not as museum exhibits from a bygone age, but as living expressions that continue to resonate down the centuries.

We firmly believe that Access to English: Literature is a treasure chest of wisdom, pleasure and fun. Putting the book together and creating this website has been a rewarding experience, and we hope reading the book and using this website will be too.


Actors at the Globe Theatre, London in a scene from Actors at the Globe Theatre, London in a scene from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare (©NTBscanpix)


August in history


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