Competence aims in focus:

The aims of the studies are to enable students to:

  • interpret a representative selection of texts from literary-historical periods in English literature, from the Renaissance up to the present time
  • elaborate on and discuss the relationship between form, content and stylistic register in sentences and texts
  • have a command of the terminology needed for analysing works of fiction, films and other aesthetic forms of expression 
  • interpret literary texts and other cultural expressions from a cultural-historical and social perspective
  • analyse and assess … a selection of other artistic forms of expression within English-language culture


Radio: Great Lives

radio on air Ernest Hemingway chosen by Michael Palin.

Michael Palin first came across his Great Life when he was studying for school exams, and his love of Ernest Hemingway has never gone away. 

Listening: Literary Modernism

tricks trade radio interview Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss literary modernism on BBC Radio 4.