How to make a good presentation

Making a presentation is basically about standing in front of an audience and speaking. There are many occasions in life when you will have to do this: at work, for example, or as part of your studies. You may have to present a topic at a meeting or give a speech at a family gathering. Or you may become a teacher, in which case you will have to do it all the time!
Some people have a natural gift for making presentations and actually enjoy it. For others it is more difficult and can cause some anxiety. The good news is that it can be learned. In this film we aim to give you some practical advice to help you improve your presentations and take some of the terror out of making them. What you learn here will be useful in many other subjects than English.



Sit in pairs and discuss what the film had to say about the topics in the list. Where do you think there is room for improvement in your own presentations?

  • How to cope with anxiety
  • Using notes
  • Learning by heart
  • Difficult words
  • Grammar and pronunciation
  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Speed and volume
  • Using pictures
  • PowerPoint
  • Rounding off

  • How to make a good presentation