Shakespeare and today's youth

shakespeare Is William Shakespeare still relevant to young people? Read the article from BBC News and find out.


Shakespeare 'Rated' by Young Britons

Shakespeare remains an important cultural force in the lives of many young Britons, according to a poll. A third of 15- to 35-year-olds said the playwright was still relevant today and 27% said they believed his plays had an important impact on the English language.

The poll was commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company and more than 650 people were surveyed. Adrian Noble, artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, said the research was encouraging.


New ways
The survey stated that 28% of young people had been to see a play in the last year, compared with 25% who had attended a pop concert.

"Many theatre companies today are constantly looking for new ways to attract Generation X; those young people who have been brought up with many more entertainment options and are far more used to the screen than the stage," said Noble.

Only 3% said they would be intimidated if they went to see a Shakespeare production.

Of those surveyed who did go to the theatre, 29% said they went "to do something different", while 31% said it was a good way to spend time.



  1. Describe the results of the poll. Who were asked, what were they asked about and what did they answer?
  2. Who is Adrian Noble, and what was his reaction to the results of the poll?
  3. How do you react to what the young Britons said? Do you think a poll in your own class, or among young people in Norway in general, would have given the same results?