Writing and producing a radio play


  • Pick a story from Access that you would like to adapt. You will need to rewrite the dialogue so it is important to pick a story that has some dialogue to start with and not too much description.
  • Discuss the different ways in which you can structure the story as a radio play. Try to choose as interesting and gripping a structure as possible
  • radio Decide how many characters you want to have in your play. (If you have more than four characters, some of you will have to play several roles.)
  • Decide whether or not you want a narrator. A narrator may be used to comment on events, explain that time has passed, fill in background information and relate past events.
  • How will you show past events and the background of the different characters?
  • Use the original dialogues in the story, but feel free to invent new dialogues and change existing ones.
  • Try to avoid long monologues where only one person speaks. These can be very tiring for listeners.



  • Your listeners must be able to distinguish the different characters/voices in the story. Practise your roles until this is clear to the listeners.
  • The plot must be straightforward. Try to avoid subplots which will confuse the listeners.
  • Keep in mind that all the information you want to give must be given orally. Your main medium is the spoken word. The use of music, however, should not be underestimated.
  • In contrast to stage plays, radio plays can include dreams and thoughts. Even dead characters can be included.
  • How will you indicate that there is a scene change? This must be done audibly. Perhaps you can use music? Even a bell or gong can serve this purpose.
  • Give background information early. Be careful not to confuse your listeners. Leave the climax until rather late in the story and then come to an end quickly.
  • Remember to use sound effects. These can make the storyline easier to follow. How can you produce such sound effects as wind, running, background noise or even a galloping horse if that is important to the story?